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Agape Occasions

AGAPE (Ancient Greek) represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love.
Agape Occasions (Formerly known as Sedona Luxury Weddings) is the premier wedding planner in Sedona & the Grand Canyon.
If you can dream it, we can create it

Wedding Planner In Sedona & The Grand Canyon

We are Special
Every love is different, and every bride and groom are special to us. This is why Agape Occasions offers you a unique personalized service. Your wedding day marks the start of your new life together and affirms the deep bond and great commitment you have for one another. Your wedding ceremony and celebrations are both a public sharing and private commitment. That is why we are committing you valuable time to build an Agape relationship that is unconditional, unlimited and complete

Wedding Planning Service Like never Before!

Each wedding is conceptualized and executed with passion and precision. As a result, you will leave with enduring memories to start your journey as partners committed to each other’s lifelong happiness. Yes, our weddings are beautiful, elegant and well planned. However, we take it a step further. We want our couples to live a life full of love, sharing victories and defeats, and most of all, build on the foundation of their commitment from the day they joined in holy matrimony.

We believe in Love and its Power

At Agape Occasions, we believe that LOVE IS ETERNAL. That is how we plan our weddings. We take care of the Entire Planning Process that will leave your family and friends mesmerized. We also provide the types of experiences that will solidify your union from day 1. If you are seeking a memorable and unique experience, then you have found the finest Wedding Planner in Sedona &The Grand Canyon.

Sedona Wedding

Imagine your hearts joining together in Sedona? A magical place that leaves most first-time visitors breathless. A place that demonstrates the true power and greatness of our creator. Sedona’s rugged beauty presents a hypnotizing spiritual backdrop like no other place in the world.

On the day of your union, you are surrounded by the glorious red rocks, married in a lush setting near Oak Creek. Imagine saying your vows atop a mountain setting with the sun dipping behind the horizon, holding the blaze of your spirit and love within the heavenly rays. Click Here For more information about a customized Sedona Wedding.

Sedona Wedding

Grand Canyon Wedding

Who doesn’t want to get married in one of the Seven Wonders of the World?

Just like Sedona, the Grand Canyon’s backdrop is truly divine. A place that attracts millions of visitors every year. The magnitude and beauty of the Grand Canyon is humbling. The air in the Grand Canyon is also one of  the purest in the world. A wedding in the Grand Canyon will surely leave you with memories and visuals that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Click here for more information about a special Grand Canyon Wedding.

We say that God Lives in the Grand Canyon but visits Sedona  often.

Let’s start planning your special day

We will love to plan a unique wedding for you in either of these two magical places. Let’s turn your dream wedding into a reality.

Call today the best Wedding Planner in Sedona & The Grand Canyon.

If you are just exploring, that’s fine too. We love talking possibilities with our clients.
Wedding Planner in Sedona & The Grand CanyonWedding Planner in Sedona & The Grand Canyon


The best wedding planner ever

Eric and Nikki
Eric and Nikki

This was a dream wedding. Thank you for all of hard work

Erin and Derek
Erin and Derek

Thank you so much Judi for all of your hard work.

Dave and Cathy
Dave and Cathy

I will recommend this company to anyone. They made me feel special and I will forever remember the memories of a dream wedding.

Jannette and Joe
Jannette and Joe
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